Environment in the organization

Environment in the organization

The trend of environmentally friendly lifestyle of consumers at this time covers all parts of life. From food to lifestyle to economic development that has a growing proportion of environmental growth Starting a business “Green” or business in the category of environmental protection for sustainability has become a rapidly rising trend. But when we talk about changing the business into this path, it’s not an easy task. Because there is always overlapping or overlapping with other business types And paying attention to every step of the production of green products, which is the heart of the business, must be done more strictly than usual in order to create as much credibility as possible in product quality. With a higher production cost if compared with similar businesses Including specific target groups as well There are many types of businesses in order to protect the environment sustainably, therefore, must always keep up with the changes of consumers in advance. So it seems that starting an eco-friendly business Was not calm and friendly with the manufacturer at all

However Green businesses are still one of the key strategies for many companies. In the midst of bad news about the loss of nature and the environment that are still heard Running a green business is another option that helps the business to stand out in an environmentally friendly stand out among competitors. And the presentation of green product advertising is still powerful for consumers And on the other hand, green business means using and managing every resource to be used efficiently. Alongside environmental protection Which will benefit both the business And a good image of the society in which the community is managed better together

Let’s look at 4 perspectives on how to connect today’s business with green businesses in America today. And then we may think that for us there is a way near us to do that or not


The tendency that the products that protect the environment are increasing Because consumers spend most of their time paying attention to packaging Which is an important factor in living The rate of sales of green products in America has grown from the 1990s with just one billion US dollars to 2011, which rose to 29.2 billion US dollars. And growing without showing signs of decline Can be predicted from the growth rate of this type of business more than 9.5% from last year. The factor is from the behavior of consumers that change to the popularity of environmental awareness even more As well as the demand from schools and institutions. Entrepreneurs can find opportunities for green or organic products from agriculture, food production or the restaurant industry.

When we walked to explore the shelves in a mall near home. It can be seen that the products from the recycling increase significantly. Will be able to find green products equivalent to general products This is another proof that the rapid growth rate of agriculture and food products businesses. However, the increase in the use of recycled products as packaging for food or products that come from From industrial agriculture in America has increased by about 2% within the last decade And the sales volume of recyclable products increases by at least 20% per year. This figure is like a signal for entrepreneurs interested in playing in the field of recyclable products. Because that means a business that has low production costs Sustainability Have a high proportion in the market And promote more revenue

But of course, if you turn yourself into a recycling product business Manufacturers need to prepare themselves to strict industrial control of the manufacturing system. Manufacturers must have certificates and maintain production standards. Including complying with the law on labels correctly Which if you are a new manufacturer or want to expand your existing business

Reduce using less

Currently have ideas or new technology. What will help people choose to use more mass transportation? Or reduce the use of oil to be less? This may be a business time, such as a “walk score” website that gives an area that can be linked by foot. Everyone can participate in additional information. Both car sharing (Car share: car rental points in a short time. Hourly or daily. This car sharing operator may be either a company established Or the car owner himself Examples of well-known car dividers, such as ZipCar, Mint, iGo, CityCar, etc.), coffee shops, grocery stores, schools to plan for consumers to choose to walk instead of using their own cars. To reduce the amount of oil used to be reduced Choose to walk more closely. Many cities are starting to look at this alternative transportation. As one way to reduce carbon monoxide emissions And another way to try to preserve the environment to be sustainable

And for the next step towards the success of energy saving transportation systems Is to know how to use technology to help the transportation sector correctly Energy saving transportation systems as in the example above. Was announced as a part of the “World Economic Forum” in this dimension of transportation links with other dimensions such as policy, finance, energy, infrastructure and consumers. The concept was developed from the process of cooperation. Between mutual interests, carriers, device buyers Policy makers and plans, energy suppliers and institutions

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